The 29th of November was again a Friday for the future. Zero Emission Heroes, as well as many climate activists/enthusiasts, went on the streets to make the climate crisis the first issue that the politicians should tackle.

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Our first Zero Emission Party took place on 12 July 2019. Thanks to the music, CO2 emission facts, quizzes, challenges and you, we had a wonderful night. We are happy that the emissions of the party itself are already compensated by the donation of 14 € to reforestation in Nicaragua and climate education from And maybe much more will be compensated, reduced or avoided after we have expanded our network. Until next time!

The first Freiburger KlangGang took place on 29th of June in the forest near Günterstal/Wiehre. The walk through the green was filled with music at 5 different stations. The musicians also performed a jam session in front of the Wasserschlössle, where the walk ended after 2 hours.
Here you can find a newspaper article about the KlangGang:
You can also get an overview of the evening: