Would you like to know what are the simple steps to a more climate-friendly life?

You would rather work for the climate with like-minded people than in a quiet little room for yourself alone?

You would like to make private climate protection visible, network and get new ideas?

You are exactly at the right place!

Becoming a Zero Emission Hero means taking the next step, no matter how small, from where you are. In concrete terms this can mean the following:

  • Run a CO2 calculator once a year to find out your personal emissions. It’s simple and anyone can do it.
  • Compensating the emissions of a purchase, a trip or your entire life. You don’t even have to change your own behavior to do it, but the effect is great. So that you don’t feel so alone, we call for a joint Zero Emission Hero – compensation action twice a year.
    Zero Emission Heroes’ compensation action of 2021 is through the Climate Bet! You can raise your voice up against the politicians and join us in compensating 1 million tons of CO2 until the next World Climate Conference in Glasgow.
  • Reduce and avoid emissions. There are already many ideas for this. We are happy to help with the implementation.
  • And while you are in the process of taking responsibility, you can also fill out the following form and become a member of the association. Free of charge! Because personal commitment cannot be bought. But you can share it and thus become stronger together.

Let us make the climate great again!

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