Living as CO2-neutral as possible, networking and preventing the progress of climate change?
How is this supposed to work and how can Zero Emission Heroes contribute to it?

The next step towards a more climate-friendly life is very easy for most people. Knowing – compensating – reducing emissions is a way that is suitable for the masses and we spread the word: in our direct environment and through our networks. The important thing is not to want to do everything at once, but to make a start. Everything else follows!

A major hurdle in acting in a climate-friendly manner is that no one notices it, so that you yourself feel like “dripping on the hot stone”. But there is another way! In a community where, for example, everyone determines their own emissions on the same day and compensates for some of them or encourages each other and celebrates their joint commitment. Doing good does good! And together even more!

Who is not happy when people are committed to society? With the climate, you just hardly see it so far. That’s why we want to make Zero Emission Heroes a brand for climate-friendly action by private individuals and make it visible: as a sticker on a bicycle, as a poster on the side of the road, as a logo in a Facebook profile, as a patch on a T-shirt, as a cooperation partner for climate-friendly organizations, as a lobby in politics and much more!

Compensation and reduction of emissions are a direct benefit for the climate. But even more important for us is the step to act more consciously. Once you have determined in a CO2 calculator which aspect causes the most emissions in your own life, you will consider this in your next consumption/travel/transport decision. This influence of many private decision-makers is immense!

Honestly, we do not know if it works… But we are digging in and doing everything we can to make Zero Emission Heroes a movement. For the climate, for our children and fellow human beings, for ourselves!