There are already many concrete ideas for the realization of the manifesto! But we need support! Would you like to contribute to one of the following points? Contact us! Do you have new ideas? Contact us!

  • Developing a community platform
    The current homepage is more a collection of information than a community platform. You can help to change that? Maybe even help to build and program an app? Then we could track all our emissions automatically or collect “Zero Emission Acts”, not only for compensated CO2, but, also for exciting articles we read or for people we told about ZEH.
  • Building a Community
    A community lives from its members and their commitment. But a community must first be built and then maintained. You can imagine to start actions or initiate discussions? Online or at events and with friends? You want to share your own experiences? Build up a kind of coaching for new members with information, tips, and tricks?
  • Establishing Zero Emission Heroes as a brand
    Climate-friendly life of private individuals should be given a face, a sign and a name: Zero Emission Heroes! You are active in clubs and organizations that are interested and maybe even have similar goals? Wow, you could expand our network! Or you can increase our visibility in public with stickers, flyers, and posters, in magazines, radio, and television?

And? Interested? Very nice! Write to us!